Sexual Choices

Alternatives to monogamy or hetero-normative relationships

Though it might raise eyebrows to suggest bisexuality, polyamory and other alternative sexual lifestyles as a form of birth control, we invite you to hear us out!

Bisexuality or non-traditional 'queer' fantasies are shared by many adults.

If a woman or a couple are comfortable with their bisexuality then it offers another choice of sexual play or fantasy during a woman's fertile time. Whether you act them out or whether they remain in fantasy is your choice!

According to well know Psychologist Alfred Kinsey everyone falls somewhere on a sliding scale in regards to their sexual orientation. ( 

When the woman of the relationship is in her most fertile stages, she may decide to concentrate her affection on her female partner rather than the male.

The male may also find comfort in using this time to experiment with other men and become more well-acquainted with his own sexuality, if that is his inclination.

One does not normally think of bisexuality or open relationships as a sexy tip for birth control. However, if one or both partners are bisexual, then the options for planning a varied love life around the different cycles of fertility are boundless!

800px-Kinsey_Scale.svgA person will never know what he or she likes until they try it, and it may be surprising. Many people, both men and women, have bi-sexual tendencies, however they are muted.

Especially in the liberal countries of the West, many have had bi-sexual experiences: kissing a best friend in college, experimental threesomes, or even the sexual desire or fantasy for someone else of the same sex.

This is a great time to share stories from the past or not yet fulfilled fantasies with a partner. Be sure to discuss the "no judgment" policy before plunging into past experiences! This flow of conversation can lead to a more fulfilling  love life and a breach of honesty and closeness with one's partner.

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