Hawaii Volcano & Effects on Intern Program !

Kilauea Lava Flow Updates & Info Page: On May 27, 2018 the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community was completely covered by an ocean of lava flow. This caused the closure of the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-community.

This is our video of the final day which the National Guard allowed us to visit the property.

Crowdfund to Rebirth Hedonisia 2.0. Please make a contribution, no matter how small, to help rebuild Hedonisia Hawaii when it is safe to return.  If you can't donate simply post about our story on your Social Media.

You also can show support by purchasing one of the e-services we offer in our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio. Our goal is to make these projects more successful because they will have to support Hedonisia when we are able to rebuild. 

Mahalo for any financial or social media support you can give.

Mojo Mustapha - Hedonisia Community Director


Research & Writing Volunteers and Hawaii Internship!

In addition to rustic eco-tourist jungle lodgings, Hedonisia Hawaii offers 3 programs that give you the possibility of working on this website in exchange for a discounted working vacation in Hawaii!

  1. Fair-Trade Volunteer Program. This volunteer opportunity allows eco-tourists to enjoy extended stays and reduced prices on lodgings in exchange for work-trade volunteering.
  2. Sustainable Community Manager Hawaii Internship. Enjoy an educational working vacation in Hawaii for two months up to one year!
  3. Weekly/Monthly Specials. Enjoy reduced rates when you volunteer one shift per week at the Hedonisia Community. And you can 'use' that shift to work on our EcoSensual projects listed below.

An Educational Hawaii Internship & Volunteer Vacation in Paradise!

Feminist Entrepreneur Intern in Hawaii
Mary 2015: Hawaii Intern with Feminist Focus!

Hedonisia Hawaii is a small sustainable community based on the 'Big Island' of Hawaii.

In addition to our eco-tourist lodgings, we manage a web portfolio of social entrepreneur and eco-feminist enterprise projects. The EcoSensual Natural Birth Control website is part of this family!

To help maintain our portfolio of feminist-inspired business projects interested applicants may apply to be an Intern or a Volunteer at our community in Hawaii.

This program is residential which means you can enjoy an affordable volunteer vacation in Hawaii and work on feminine empowered causes with a global reach!

In other words, you can enjoy a holiday that might be a bit more meaningful and rewarding than just coming home from Hawaii with a sunburn!

As part of your volunteer contribution, you can work on these EcoSensual projects to help to improve this website.

If you would like to be a volunteer or intern, feel free to use our Community Participant Online Application Form!

We look forward to seeing you at Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community!