Resting or Basal Body Temperature

basal body temperature
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Basal body temperature is one of those natural birth control methods that is about as sexy as a medical exam!

When in a resting state our bodies come to a baseline temperature that largely remains the same. This temperature changes in women as they progress through their menstrual cycle.

The temperature raises at least 6/10ths of a degree when they ovulate, and stays high until their period comes.

Through tracking our temperature women can know when they have ovulated, and after three days can feel assured that they are now infertile.

Buy a digital thermometer that registers tenths of a degree to detect the fine changes that occur in a woman’s temperature.

You can get pregnant up to five days before and three days after this spike in temperature.

This method is very difficult to practice. It is better for a single female. It can be easily affected by a horny couple who keep raising their resting/basal body temperature through amorous activities!

We also recommend that this method be used in conjunction with other methods as it is not very reliable.

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